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At One Salon

On July 31st, the lovely people at the One Salon community opened their space for my talk, “Get Your Set Together: Meditative Tools For a Successful Journey”. We met in one of the member’s homes, and all cozied up to discuss how using mindfulness and somatic tools can assist us in being more present and having more fun/sacredness/healing in our journeys. We had a great time together, pouring over topics about how to be better, more psychedelic versions of ourselves.

This post is here because some of the attendees wanted the slideshow that I used in my talk. It’s a shortened version. “Get Your Set Together” really needs an entire weekend. (If someone wants to host that weekend, please let me know.) The version we used, and a short audio excerpt of questionable quality is included as well.

I’d also like to offer one salon folks $50 off our Online integration Intensive for the next ten days. The coupon code is ‘ONESALON’ and the link to the online intensive is here

Thanks! See you next time!

Download The PDF Here
Listen to audio excerpt of the talk.