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Chronicles of a Psychonaut

I got to spend two hours talking to Finch of ‘Chronicles of a Psychonaut’, and we got to go pretty deep. We get to dig into how we can support our growth and healing. We see how these topics work for us regardless of which medicines, if any, we use. Our conversation runs the gamut, from yoga, to magick, from the ancestors who have walked this path before us, to what sort of future we want to leave for our children.

One of my favorite part of this conversation is when we talk about taking the wheel of our lives. Meditation (psychedelic or otherwise) can reveal how our shadow selves are driving the bus, and it’s then up to us to take the wheel or not. A lot of this is our personal responsibility, but integration communities exist in order to provide support and insight, helping us grow in responsibility and maturity as a collective.

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