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Psychedelic Milk

Meeting of the Minds! Mt. Tam Integration and Psychedelic Milk get deep and profound on the Psychedelic Milk Podcast. Yoga, Meditation, Set and Setting. I had a fantastic time hanging out with Ed on his podcast, Psychedelic Milk, last week. Here’s the link to the episode, proper. He took some really great show notes, and it turns out we covered a lot of ground, including:

  • Who is Daniel
  • What is integration
  • How to integrate psychedelic experiences?
  • Ram Dass
  • Coming back to our reality with psychedelic experiences
  • Keeping the experience fresh without tripping
  • Moving to San Francisco
  • Mind + Body
  • Turning senses inwards
  • Integration circles
  • Psychedelics gaining ground in 2018
  • Psychedelic diversity
  • Religious affiliations
  • Prometheus Rising
  • Jordan Peterson
  • Self-hatred
  • Kill the ego, by the ego
  • Breathing exercise

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