Commodifying the Sacred

Niki and I would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who came out to sit in a circle and discuss the future of psychedelics, their research, and their commodification. It was wonderful to get a diversity of views. Personally, I was thrilled to hear ideas that I had not considered before and to hear some new perspectives. I’ll be talking to Niki and some other team members to think about new ways to move this conversation forward. One of the pieces of feedback we received was a request for more information about the subject, so we’ll be considering presentations that will educate people about some of the nuances of this subject. More on that will be forthcoming.

Until then, here are a list of articles and resources that you can read through. Most of them are really good, and will give you a pretty good lay of the land. They can also serve as a jumping off point for those of you wanting to do your own research.

Thank you again for coming, and I’ll see you at the next one!

-Daniel, 10.17.18


Commodifying the Sacred- A Community Dialogue about the Future of Psychedelics

What does it mean to bring psychedelics into the for-profit medical model? What will be the effects of competition from corporations vying for control over the emerging “new market” of psychedelic-assisted therapies? Join us in community to share information, thoughts and feelings related to turbulence around transformational tools and practices and their interface with capitalism.

Related writings and resources:

Robert Jesse and others

A millionaire couple is threatening to create a magic mushroom monopoly
A millionaire couple is threatening to create a magic mushroom monopoly

Capitalism on Psychedelics: The Mainstreaming of an Underground
By Erik Davis, Ph.D. – Techgnosis

The Dire Need for Systemic Critique Within Psychedelic Communities
By David Nickles – The Nexian

Psychedelic Justice: Disrupting the Cultural Default Mode Network
By Jae Sevelius, Ph.D.

It’s Too Late For Cannabis, But What About the Future of the Psychedelic Industry?
By Katie Stone, M.A.

The Wild Kindness
By Bett Williams

Relevant to how these are being absorbed into healthcare and the greater cultural context:

Colonization Laid the Groundwork for the Drug War
Ismail Lourido Ali and Magalie Lerman

Relevant to who will get access (to answer those “how does this affect me/us?” questions:

We’re Too Excited About MDMA’s Potential for Treating PTSD
By Kevin Franciotti