5meo-DMT Talk with Rak Razam

Rak Razam visited us last night at Key Tea House to participate in our Psychedelic Conversation Series, and they have a 5meo-DMT talk. Interviewed by his old friend, Integration facilitator Daniel Shankin, they discuss a wide variety of topics. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Rak’s Entheogenic History
    • Some differences between recreational and spiritual entheogenic use
    • How DMT works in the body
    • How the intellect and the ego play together
    • Maintaining Contact with the Divine ithin
    • The Mind Brain, The Heart Mind, and the Gut Mind.
    • Remember our connection to Gaia
    • How do you prepare your soul
    • The Bufo Alvarius Toad

and so much more!

Rak’s Website

Aya Awakening Website

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