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Live Psychedelic Integration Circle on No Simple Road Podcast!

I visit The No Simple Road Podcast. Melanie suggested we do an on air, Live Psychedelic Integration Circle. So We do! Mel, Aaron, Apple and I, circle up, get honest, and get really present for each other. It’s a very healing and sweet moment.

This podcast was really fun for me, because It’s a Grateful Dead themed show. The Grateful Dead has been the soundtrack of so much of my life. The shows have been mile stones, and the community makes up much of my extended and chosen friends and family. There is a particular understanding among psychonauts, and the same is true for Dead Heads. This warmth and love generated by this particular crew made it all the more easy to feel comfortable, open up, and share.

I’d also like to take this moment to give a quick shout out to the man who brought us together, Cristophe Marchal. Christope created art for both of our projects. He’s responsible for Tam Integration Friendly Ouroboros, and the No Simple Road Jumping Bus. His website is at Hair of the Wolf Potion Company