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May there be peace on earth, in the waters, in the fires, and in the wind…May there be peace everywhere and in everyone.

Sarva Mangalam

There are so many delicious playlists for journeys. Far fewer, but just as important are the ones made for the morning after. For Psychedelic Restoration. It’s a crucial time. A time when we might feel depleted or fragile. A time when we might need reassurance and love. We need a playlist that is going to restore us. What would the playlist equivalent of 5-htp and fresh juice sound like?
For me, it sounds like the most gentle, heart centered kirtan that has ever been chanted. Recently, I had a rough morning. The night had been long and full of terrors, as they say in Westeros. And there wasn’t much sleep. I felt bad. But I still had errands to run. I put on some music and instantly felt refreshed. The music washed over me like a soothing balm, and all of a sudden there was joy and love again. I glided through the aisles and the San Francisco streets, heart open, content.
I’m really impressionable. I need to keep filling my mind with sacred chanting and books on buddhism and all those sorts of things because I live in a world that is constantly bombarding me with cultural artifacts that are not my friend. I’ve got to choose carefully, or I’m a goner. I need to be relentless about the amount of love I pound into my sense organs. And this morning was no different.
I turned the music up louder, and let the vibrations hammer my nervous system with sweetness. Not only was there a restorative aspect to it, but it was purifying as well. The shadowy garbage that had been so clearly revealed the night before needed to be shed. Up and out!
Here is a playlist of some of the songs I listened to that day. I kept the best ones. I added some others later, and I switched up the order a bit. I’ve got a long history of listening to kirtan. You might not even know what it is (Hindu devotional music). It deserves a much longer description, but basically kirtan is chanting the names of the Gods and the Goddesses. It’s an act of devotion and an invocation. We want the presence of the divine to be with us. Again, super simplified. But consider this idea of divine presence as a palpable vibratory quality. That by chanting, and being in a space where chanting is happening, you’re in a rarefied atmosphere. It’s pure and kind and compassionate and sweet. It’s 5-htp and fresh juice, and probably some flowers too.
So give it a listen and see if you can dig it. I’m even going to create a loose glossary, in case you want to know what something means. It’s more of a personal interpretation than a scholarly translation. The meaning is going to be deeper than anything I can write out, than anyone can write out. And simpler, too. ‘Vibration of Love’. There you go. It’s not for comprehension, it’s for basking in.

Om Namah Shivaya – Thy will, not mine, be done

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya – All the qualities of divinity exist within me.

Ek Ong Kar Sat Guru Prasad – The gurus nourish us with the highest vibrations 

Sat Narayana – Rest in the purifying waters of eternal nectar

Gobinday Mukunday – Taste the sweetness of liberation

Jai Gurudev – Glory to God, The Liberated Ones, The Teachers, The Ancestors 

Akaal (Sat Siri Akaal) Truth is eternal

All Good (Bhumi Mangalam) – May there be peace on earth, etc.

Shri Krishna – Everything is sweet with the lord of sweetness.

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