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12 Step Work and Psychedelics on The Addictionary Podcast

I visit The Addictionary Podcast and talk to Maegan. It’s really a lot of fun.  We talk about 12 step work and pros and cons of hanging out in the rooms of AA. We talk about how many people are hungry for ritual, and how that can lead to feeling restless and irritable.

We also talk about The Grateful Dead, Phil Lesh tour, and how sometimes we can get shown the light in the strangest of places if we look at it right.

There is some discussion about how we can practice turning towards the deepest, darkest, hardest places of suffering in our system, and starting to unwind them so that we can find not only growth, but also peace and serenity.

The Psilocybin Summit, 9/19 – 22

The Psilocybin Summit is a 4 day, online, worldwide conference celebrating the myth, magic, and science of psilocybin. Join us and an amazing collection of multidisciplinary experts as they share their research and hard earned wisdom.

Earlybird tickets are still available.