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Psychedelic Parenting on the Psychedelics Today Podcast

I visit The Psychedelics Today Podcast and talk to Kyle Buller. We have a great time. I was excited to talk to Kyle because I know that he’s very familiar with Grof’s Perinatal Matrix. I was just reading a book called The Continuum Concept. It’s a book about how an Amazonian Tribe raises their babies. It made me think a lot about what we as a culture might be doing wrong when it comes to child-rearing, and how we can do a better job of raising kids that are happy and well adjusted.

We go on to talk about self-care and how mindfulness practice supports any psychedelic use we might do to transform our selves into more loving, healthy beings. Yoga and meditation practice can give us the energy required to manifest deep and lasting change.

Kyle asks about the Psilocybin Summit, and we discuss some of the speakers and topics that we are going to cover.

The Psilocybin Summit, 9/19 – 22

The Psilocybin Summit is a 4 day, online, worldwide conference celebrating the myth, magic, and science of psilocybin. Join us and an amazing collection of multidisciplinary experts as they share their research and hard earned wisdom.

Earlybird tickets are still available.