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Psychedelic Integration is not about developing psychic powers. It’s about cultivating sanity, presence, a clear mind, and an empathetic heart.

Daniel Shankin, Tam Integration

Psychedelic Archetypes and Astral Travel

I recently received a question from somebody that said that they had what they thought was a psychic experience during a trip they were having. Somebody visited them and had a message for them. And there was this communication and a back and forth between them. They asked me if I had any advice, and what was the possibility that their experience actually ‘happened’. I’m leaving the details vague, for privacy sake and to respect the person who reached out.

I have had trips where I seem to be communicating with somebody that felt very, very real. When I think about this kind of thing, I think that there are three options. The first option is that it happened exactly the way you experienced it. You you had a conscious communication with another person, and that they conveyed things that you fully understood 100%. And you conveyed things that they understood fully 100%. Based on my experience, and even based on my experience of having verbal conversations with people in ordinary space time, the likelihood of that happening is low. If you‘be ever had an argument with a family member or partner then you know that you don’t understand everything that they’re saying. They don’t understand what you’re saying. You know that you’re not even conveying what you want to convey properly. With that in mind, the idea that perfect communication is going to happen in an altered state through psychic communication is kind of a reach.

Of course, you might be more psychic than me, or the stars of the planets might be aligned in a special. I’ve had a lot of experiences where I thought I was having a conversation with the person and then I referenced it the next day or the next week, and that person had no idea what I was talking about. I’ve had times when I thought a relative had died. I was just sure and the whole psychic astral family was having a far-out, cosmic funeral. And none of that happened. It was all in my head.

The second possibility is that it sort of happened kind of like that. There was some sort of that there’s some sort of connection. You picked up some of it but not all of it. Maybe it was just an energy or a feeling or an emotion that was conveyed. I’ve had those happen too when People have shown up in my visions. When I saw them the next day, they opened up with, I was thinking a lot about you yesterday. And I said I was thinking a lot about you yesterday, too. And it’s just a shared feeling.

The third, and most likely scenerio.

The third option is you’re processing your stuff. Your subconscious, your unconscious, or your thought patterns were emerging in a way that manifested as this particular vision. That you are unpacking some deep psychic content. If you’ve seen the movie Contact with Jodie Foster, you’ll understand the metaphor. I’m Contact, basically, she goes to another dimension she talks to an alien. The alien looks like her father. She says, Are you really my father? The alien says no, of course not. We just took this form to make it easier for you to understand. This is kind of what the unconscious is like. The unconscious is vast and unknowable. For it to communicate with us, it has to use symbols, and then we have to make sense out of them? Had Jodie Foster continued to relate to that alien presence as if it was actually her father, she would have been missing what was really going on.

Pretty trippy wormhole scene, too.

Sometimes there’s a real glamour to thinking that we can develop psychic gifts. We can we can develop them to some extent, and some of us more than others. I definitely know people who are extraordinarily gifted. But in psychedelic integration is not about cultivating psychic powers. It’s about cultivating sanity and presence, a clear mind and an open, empathetic heart. It’s almost about being more ordinary in a lot of ways. It’s about most natural you that you can be without any artifice or posturing or masks. How do dismantle that which is extra to be increasingly more ordinary.

The alternative is to chase glamour. To believe in something that is shiny and bright, but not very grounded or sane. Unless we can verify that our psychic communication actually happened, we’re probably up in our heads. It could lead us to doing something embarrassing. You don’t want to chase somebody around insisting that you have some kind of psychic connection.

It’s magical enough just to be able to touch a deeper part of our psyche. We’re able to go in through a journey and have a vision of a person and understand them as an archetype or a symbol. We’re going to learn so much about ourselves. We can uncover so much of the what’s happening underneath the surface, and we’re going to be able to make those things more conscious and have a fuller, brighter life.

My suggestion is that if you have a communication with a person, the first thing to do is to let that person off the hook, immediately. Don’t allow yourself to think of about it actually happening, even as a thought experiment. Just let them off the hook. It’s not about them at all. 

Then consider some questions. You might even want to journal them.


What might that person represent?

When you were relating to them in the journey what feelings came up?

What wounds are revealed?

Does something in the relationship need to be healed? What might that represent?

Is there love? Is there desire?

Is the person mad at you?

Do you feel like you did something wrong?

Are there feelings of like, guilt and shame coming up?

What needs and desires are present?

Is there a greater desire for love and purpose and meaning?

Do you have a need for understanding or forgiveness?

Are you inspired to take action? What actions can you take? How can you grow?

These are integration questions.

When we look at our psychic communication with our person, as a reference to deeper issues inside of ourselves, we heal and we become whole. We see how we have externalized a part of us that was maybe too painful to recognize as part of ourselves. We can’t bear to feel the guilt, shame, loneliness, isolation, or grief, that we externalize it into another person, and then we’re relating to it outside of ourselves. The more we can Asking answer the kinds of questions listed above, the more likely we are to bring these painful parts of ourselves into our heart. We can recognize and accept our self with tenderness and heart centered feeling. Then we can be who were meant to be. And that’s integration.

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