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Reflections on Ram Dass and Be Here Now with Doc Kelley of Psychedelic Sangha

Doc Kelley of Psychedelic Sangha and Daniel Shankin (Sitaram Das) of Tam Integration have a very special meeting of the Psychedelic Conversation Series. We reflect on the role that Ram Dass and Be Here Now has had in our lives and spiritual practice. Ram Dass’s influence on culture and so many of our lives cannot be overstated. We’ll reflect on how special he was, and will also share some of the insights they’ve gleaned and offer tips about how practitioners can use this very special book for integrating their awakening into their lives.

One of My Memories of Ram Dass

One of the most terrifying moments in my life was asking Ram Dass if I could massage his feet. I could feel the desire build as I sat on the ground in front of him. It took me some time to get the nerve. It was like wanting to kiss someone for the first time. And I was desperately afraid of rejection. Who did I think I was? I was obviously in my ego, posing as someone with a modicum of devotion and adequate bodywork skills. A history of tough love informing my nervous system, I was sure he’d reject me, maybe give me a glance that he knew how unworthy I was.

But he didn’t. He said of course, or that would be nice, or something to that effect. No beat was missed, and he continued chatting and beaming and loving and smiling. His total acceptance was so healing. Such a powerful example. He didn’t have any need to look for my problems, or diagnose me, or cut me down to size. He just loved me in a mundane moment that I brought my baggage too. His words, teaching, and presence are the reason why I even have a chance today of being the person that I want to be. Of living in my heart. Of being able to love you (whoever is reading this) and recognize you as God in Drag, as the One Eye Love.

The last thing he ever said to me was ‘I am loving awareness’. It’s also the last thing I ever said to him. He still is, I still am, and you still are. Thanks for the living example of unconditional love Ram Dass, Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Swaha! Hail the Goer!

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