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Welcome to Red Things on Tuesday.

This is a collection of books, music, teachings, psychedelic ephemera, and the like that I think is meaningful and have been enjoying. I’m going to send it out on most tuesdays.

I just think it would be nice to share things that are supporting my personal journey of continued integration.

As far as the name goes, I once had a vedic astrologer tell me that it would be good if I ‘gave away red things on tuesdays’. Geez, pretty specific. I’m sure some of you could probably reverse engineer what that means about my chart. So here it is, Red Things on Tuesdays.

If you have things that you’d like to see included, please let me know. Also reach out if you’d like a specific sort of recommendation that you’d like to see.

An Introduction to Vedic Astrology

Since this whole thing is inspired by Vedic Astrology, let’s begin with a really easy to read, accessible to everyone, Vedic myth. It’s called ‘‘ by Robert Svoboda. We get to meet all of the planets personified as dieties, with all of their qualities described. It’s a great book if you want to introduce planetary energies into your meditations, rituals, or altar spaces.

A continued contemplation from the Summit

“The cave you are afraid to enter holds the treasure you seek” – This quote was from Simon Yugler’s talk about psychedelics and the hero’s journey. It’s been motivating me to turn towards the the places that scare me, instead of retreating or numbing myself out. It’s been a powerful thought to hold in meditation, and sometimes i can even feel my body respond. Tensing up, then unwinding as the fear dissapates in the face of courage. Try it. Sit on your cusion, consider what you’re afraid of, let yourself release into it. Simon’s talk was on Thursday, and is available free with all of the other Thursday Talks, Here.

Some Good old fashioned psychedelic Rock and Roll

I’ve got varied musical tastes. I like medicine music. I like devotional music, like kirtan. I also like good old fashioned psychedelic rock and roll. I recently discovered a mini masterpiece, Super Session by Al Kooper, Mike Bloomfiled, and Steven Stills. Al and Mike were Bob Dylan’s back up band for infamous Newport Folk Festival Appearance where he played electric guitar. It’s really wonderful. I’ve only listened to it sober (caffinated) but I’m sure it would pair well with cannabis.

Some really sweet, nourishing music from Ajeet

I wandered into an Ajeet concert a few years ago without knowing who she was. Remember those days? Oh there’s music at the yoga studio, let’s just go. It was twelve dollars well spent. So lovely, and created an exquisite vibe in the space. As I’m winding down from the summit, I need calming healing vibes to nourish my nervous system. She’s one of the things I’m listening too. Here’s a particularly nice, and well produced video of her live.

Some other music from Jaron Lanier

Many of you have probably seen ‘The Social Dilemma’. (I haven’t, but i know the situation is bad…) Jaron Lanier has been talking about the problems with social media for years, and he comes up on my youtube algorithm quite often (thanks AI!). I was recently watching some of his videos and found this one of him playing ancient musical instruments. It turns out he collects them.

​So there you have it, our first installment of red things on tuesday. I hope it tickled you at least a little.



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