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Psychedelic Journey Curriculum

Welcome Back to another installment of Red Things on Tuesday.

This is a collection of books, music, teachings, psychedelic ephemera, and the like that I think is meaningful and have been enjoying. I’m going to send it out on most Tuesdays. The name is based on something a vedic astrologer told me once, which makes this something of a sadhana. I appreciate you participating in it. If you don’t want to participate in it any longer, there is an unsubscribe button at the bottom of the page.

What I’m listening to

Shamanic Dream, Anugama. Boy is it good. One of my top ten albums for giving and receiving bodywork. It’s pretty great in a journey, too.

Are psychedelics your project or your curriculum? or both?

Most us us aren’t doing entheogens just to do them. We’ve got bigger ideas for our life. We want to use plant medicine (or sacred science) to support our growth, healing, and spiritual connection. As my beloved teacher Doug Silsbee said, they are the curriculum that support the project. But when we look at what is required of use to have a safe and successful journey, they psychedelics become a project of their own. Our various attempts at preparation and integration are the curriculum that supports our plant medicine project. Doug’s model helps us to organize our thoughts, and what we need to do to grow. He explains it better than I could, so I’m attatching a video of him speaking about it. I’m also linking a blog post I wrote a few years ago about his third book.


Alex Auder’s Yoga

On every list of ‘integration activities’ on every infographic in the universe, yoga is listed. Maybe I’ll go into all the beneifts as I see them one of these days, but you get it.

I’m doing my online yoga with Alex Auder these days. Her instructions are precise and clear, and her sequencing makes sense to me in my body. She also happens to be freaking hillarious, and spends time on her instagram account deconstructing various forms of magical thinking and spiritual bypass. If you sell multi level marketing essential oils, she’s probably not for you. If you want to train your awareness by consciously bringing attention and focus into your body, then I recommend.


Hyaluronic Acid

This has been coming up a lot in conversation recently. This suppliment has the benefit of attracting water molecules to the connective tissue; the ligaments, tendons, and fascia. These are all effectively the same tissue, and are differentiated by how they function in the body, what they connect to what. They get less liquid and more sludgey as we age, due to imperfect cellular metabolism. Hyaluronic Acid, movement practice (yoga, tai chi, etc), and massage all help to break up the sludge and keep the tissues liquid and pliable. If you’re feeling a little sluggish in body, this might be good. It literally assists in purifying the body. Dietas are powerful, but many of us need extra help getting the gunk out.

I’m currently using Jarrow’s, and I like it.

One of the people I’ve been talking to about HA is Julian Vayne, whose talks you may have enjoyed at the both Psilocybin Summits. Julian is an author, a yogi, and a magician. He discusses it in this blog post, along with some other very interesting takes, and a few practices you can do on your own.





Upcoming Events.

As always, Integration circle on Wednesdays at 6pm pacific on zoom


I’ve been working on a meditative preparation mini-course. Right now it’s available on Patreon. Patreon is a great way to support Tam Integration’s free and donation based services. (see directly above)