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Psychedelic Mainlining

Welcome Back to Red Things on Tuesday. The Second Email!

​This is a collection of books, music, teachings, psychedelic ephemera, and the like that I think is meaningful and have been enjoying. I’m going to send it out on most tuesdays. It’s name is based on something a vedic astrologer told me once.

It’s the 20th anniversary of Radiohead’s album, Kid A

This well loved, and critically acclaimed album created quite a controversy when It was released. It was a huge departure musically from what people had come to expect from Radiohead. It’s almost like Radiohead took a bunch of psychedelics and decided they needed to do something that was more in line with their true will and purpose. Was Kid A an excercise in integration? We may never know.

Get off the mainstream, get on the mainline, Psychedelic Mainlining

There’s an old gospel/blues song called, ‘Jesus is on the Mainline’. I got turned onto it many years ago, through Krishna Das’s Version. This was back when I owned my yoga studio, ‘Main Line Yoga’. The Main Line is a neighborhood on the outskirts of Philadelphia, named after the train that ran through. I liked to think of the Main Line as the Shushumna, the central channel that threads the chakras in our energy body, and ultimately connects us to God. Jesus is definitely on that Main Line. Lots of people are wringing their hands about what it means that psychedelics are going mainstream. My humble opinion, spend less energy going mainstream, and more on getting on that main line.

Aretha Franklin Version
Ry Cooder & the Mula Bandha Rhythym Aces, Live in Santa Cruz 1987
Krishna Das Vesion, with funny story about the song
Shushumna Meditation and Breathing Practice

I’ve started taking Lion’s Mane Mycelium for my cognitive health

Paul Stamets, in his talk at the Psilocybin Summit, showed research that suggests that Lion’s Mane Mycelium promotes the health of the brain and nervous system. Cognitive decline will come for us all, and we can potentially stave it off with Lion’s Mane, and maybe a little psilocybin. I’ve been taking it on and off before, and it looks like I’m on again. I’ll probably stay on for the forseable future. Here’s a link to it on amazon.

A quote from yours truly, on shame and the art of coaching

“I feel like there are very few situations where compounding the client’s shame is going to bring them to the to their next level of evolution”.

I know that some coaching like tough love, and some like the crazy wisdom heyoka thing where you torture your clients, but I don’t think that’s nice. Also, I’ve been watching these old videos by John Bradshaw on shame. The’re a little dated, but they’re good.


Upcoming Events.

As always, Integration circle on Wednesdays at 6pm pacific on zoom


We’ve started a weekly chat on recovery and psychedelics on Mondays at 3pm Pacific, On Discord https://discord.gg/e7Wveua

I’ve been working on a meditative preparation mini-course. Right now it’s available on Patreon. Patreon is a great way to support Tam Integration’s free and donation based services. (see directly above)




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