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Achilles Heel Podcast with Alex Hooper

achilles heel podcast

Achilles Heel Podcast Quotes and Highlights

“I have a depth-bias: It’s not fun for me to support you while you organize your closet. Let’s go deep into the shadows that’ve been bullying you for decades, let’s make friends with them and give them some love and understanding. You can fold your socks on your own time”

“The things that we repress for our whole lifetime REALLY wanna be seen. If you listen to people long enough, without filtering it through your own agenda, they’ll give you clues into things that they probably want to work on but aren’t aware of”

Alex Hooper: “It sounds like with your practice that you provide a comfortable setting for people to slowly take their masks off, as they feel fit to do, and allow them to discover things by themselves without you having to poke around too much. It sounds like you’re a guide…you’re like the canoe on a river, like you’re a symbol of navigation”

“If you actually pay attention to people, they’ll think you’re psychic”

COSM wall: “Love brings up anything unlike itself for the purpose of healing”

“MDMA makes us feel safe enough to look at things for once”

(The importance of pausing before you respond to someone)

“I once performed a wedding where I was the only person who was not on tons of LSD”

“Psychedelics are like a folk-art; people have been doing this since time immemorial. Long before there were therapists, people have been getting high with their mom”

“As a teenager I had no idea that I was essentially training for my future role as a psychedelic coach…I was just a kid consuming mind-altering substances irresponsibly and wow I really learned so much from those experiences.”

“Over time, my relationship with plant medicines and various synthesized chemicals has evolved considerably. Some of my earlier experiences were profound and meaning, yet some were downright terrifying…often stigmatized and misunderstood by various authorities. As our culture has evolves, we’re certainly seeing the inherent value and importance of psychedelic experiences”

“I’ve been teaching mediation and body work for years. A few years ago, suddenly many of my clients wanted to open up about their psychedelic experiences and their spiritual emergence…(haha sometimes spiritual emergencies!) that grew from this, so I just ran with it and built a website around this dynamic, hence Tam Integration was born!”

“I’m less of an advocate for psychedelics themselves than I am for meditation and healthy living for people who use psychedelics”