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Awaken Podcast with Natasja Pelgrom

awaken podcast

Awaken Podcast Quotes and Highlights

Natasja interviews Daniel, discussing how his path led him to found Tam Integration and the Psilocybin Summit. They explore the lightness of psychedelic work, and how it can be joyful and gentle. They close with a bit about “The Practice of Being Cool” and there’s a lightning round.

Some Quotes

They discuss how psychedelics, integration coaching and circles give people the experience of being heard, and how important that is. Psychedelics facilitate that process in which we get to hear different parts of ourselves that we don’t ordinarily listen to. It also puts us in communion with other people and connects us with other people that supports the idea of how important it is that we hear each other instead of trying to be right.

“Don’t surrender your magic so quickly.”

“You don’t need to find quantitative reasons for everything.”

“Do it in ways that are free from the programming you are trying to let go of.”

“Most of our visions don’t survive first contact with reality.”

“So many people realize that they need more compassion, connection and empathy in their lives. So many people are…that their depression and anxiety comes from lack of connection in some ways.”