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Mycopreneur Podcast with Dennis Walker

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Mycopreneur Podcast Quotes and Highlights

Today on the pod we are humbled to host

A beloved stalwart of the psychedelic renaissance who is the founder and director of Tam Integration, as well as the upcoming Psilocybin Summit, which is a global online event running September 16th to 20th that features a phenomenal fungi-centric congress of mycopreneurs doing big things in the global village, an event not to be missed.

Daniel and I have been running in concentric circles for some time now and several of our previous guests here on the pod have implored me to host him, going way back to our very first episode of the pod.

I was not disappointed in the least and I truly feel that this is probably the best episode we’ve ever done here at Mycopreneur – it seems like I say that a lot these days but the funny thing is it’s always, always true!

Today we’re exploring the cultural importance of memes in relation to advancing the psychedelic narrative and also their potential to convey a ton of information in a non-linear, all at once capacity – we’re of course covering the psilocybin summit, which I was serendipitously invited to be a part of during this episode, fuck yeah, you’re gonna get the 411 on who is presenting at the summit and what some of the topics are, luminaries like Dennis McKenna and Vandana Shiva, in addition to dozens of other presenters who are more concerned with decolonization, equity, and planetary wholeness and vitality than graphs and charts pump and dump monetary schemes…

We’re dipping into music as a vehicle for transportation across dimensions and you’re also going to get the backstory on both of our first ever psilocybin mushroom journeys, and quite a bit more.

Buckle in everybody, we’re in this together and I have full confidence in you and in our collective ability to heal and thrive in community and to tap into the infinite power of mushrooms to solve problems big and small.