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Woo Knew Podcast with We Are All Daughters

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Woo knew Podcast Quotes and Highlights

Daniel Shankin is a psychedelic integration coach and the founder of Mt. Tam Psychedelic Integration, which supports individuals exploring their consciousness for spiritual growth and transformational healing.

A yoga and meditation teacher for over 20 years, Daniel has dedicated his life to the cultivation of clarity, resilience, and heart. He uses tools from a wide variety of traditions to help his clients to develop powerful personal practices for psychedelic preparation and integration.

We had the honor of sitting down with Daniel to unpack “integration” – what it means, why it’s important, what motivated him to create Mt. Tam Integration, and the upcoming Mt. Tam Integration Jam. He also helped Ellen integrate an aspect of her most recent psilocybin macrodose journey.

Listeners get 10% off the Mt. Tam Integration Jam conference with codes WOO or WOOK.

Mt. Tam Integration is also offering a 4-week online intensive “Sitting for Psychonauts” beginning June 2022.

Learn more at tamintegration.com and @tamintegration on IG.