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Empowered Connection Podcast with Daniel Cordua

empowered connection podcast

Empowered Connection Podcast Quotes and Highlights

In this rich, deep conversation Daniel & podcast host Damodar Cordua move into these realms:

– Psychedelics as a path of healing, awareness, empowerment, embodiment, insight, and spiritual depth

– How to integrate peak experiences into our day-to-day lives in meaningful, empowering + transformative ways

– The power of conscious intention & goals in psychedelic journeying

– What psychedelic experiences create within our brain, our mind, and our nervous system & their importance in healing trauma

– How psychedelic experiences can check us when we automate our spiritual practices or hide from parts of ourself in our spiritual practices and/or communities

– The importance of self acceptance and loving the unloved parts of ourself

– The difficulties, road blocks, and importance of integration work that is sustainable & transformative in an ongoing way

– Some of Daniel’s best stories of psychedelic experience and other peak experiences of heart revelation