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Tam Integration Predictions for 2023

1. More and more people will take their healing and spiritual growth into their own hands.

2. An increasing number of long time underground psychedelic users, healers, and wisdom keepers from all walks of life will come forward as living examples of a mature, wise, loving psychedelic worldview.

3. Mainstream understanding of the importance of psychedelic
integration & complementary modalities will grow. Psychedelic
sessions will be seen more as an initiation as opposed to a silver
bullet or instant cure.

4. Our culture’s mystics & healers, who have traditionally under-earned and been undervalued by society, will start more small businesses and be able support themselves doing meaningful work that they were born to do.

5. Partnerships between mystics, medical professionals, activists,
creatives, and just regular folks blossom as it becomes clear that our liberation is inextricably interconnected. People work together for collective healing.

We know that a lot of these wheels are already in  motion. We also know that as the world moves into uncertainty, we need those with cosmic heart to step forward and lead. We need all of you.

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Whenever you're ready, there are a few ways Tam Integration can support you:


1. If you're looking for community integration support, you're welcome to join our circles. They are free and donations are accepted. The time and dates are here.

2. If you're looking to learn more about psychedelics, their conscious use, and your place in this new field, I'd recommend starting with our immense archive:

Our Online Recorded Conferences: Get access to over 200 hours of recorded content from a wide array of leaders speaing about all aspects of psychedelic research, practice, and theory. Your first month is only $1   Enjoy connecting with the larger community.

3. If you're looking for a deeper exploration of  psychedelics, and want to make them a greater part of your life, you can explore our courses and trainings:

→ Create Your Own Integration Circle: A multi-step system for creating a high-quality newsletter and 6-12 pieces of high-performance social media content each week. Join 1,000+ students.

Meditation for the Journey: Meditative approaches to more conscious psychedelic use, and how to more confidently sit for yourself, your family, and friends. Join the September 2023 Community.

Mentorship for Psychedelic Professionals: If you want to become a leader in this new wave of psychedelic culture, mentorship can help dedicated students and professionals grow into this burgeoning field. Set up an intro call here.

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