On Integration

Musings on simple and soulful ways that we can practice bringing our shadows into the light, living our purpose, and being there for each other.

Mindful Eating as a support for Ayahuasca Dieta

"Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally."Mindful Eating as a support for Ayahuasca DietaWhen we receive instruction about Ayahuasca Dieta, we're told what to eat before and after our ceremony, and...

Live Psychedelic Integration Circle on No Simple Road Podcast!

I visit The No Simple Road Podcast. Melanie suggested we do an on air, Live Psychedelic Integration Circle. So We do! Mel, Aaron, Apple and I, circle up, get honest, and get really present for each other. It’s a very healing and sweet moment.

A Collection of Trip Sitter Manuals and Guides

People want to sit for each other. It’s only natural for friends to look out for, and want to take care of each other. People come to integration circle to figure out how ways to be safe and minimize risk during psychedelic journeys, and having a trip sitter is certainly one of the ways to do this.

Facing Our Fears With Psychedelic Meditation

Taking action from a place of fear and insecurity is never smart. Fear is a call to pause and return to a place of centered presence, it’s not a push to run head first into action. Fear based action rarely has the results that we want.

7 Books For Ayahuasca Explorers

Books For Ayahuasca Explorers I was recently asked for some book recommendations by someone who is exploring journeywork with Ayahuasca. I figured I might as well put this list here, so that other people can enjoy as well. Some of the books I've only read part of, but...

Mark Henson Talks to us About Visionary Art and Social Change

Mark Henson We were lucky enough to be able to host Mark Henson at Shakedown Gallery's Psychedelic Pop Up Art Gallery. Mark treated us to a comprehensive look at psychedelic and visionary art through the ages with a lecture and slideshow. Join for more Psychedelic...

5meo-DMT Talk with Rak Razam

Rak Razam visits Mt. Tam Psychedelic Integration and is interviewed by Daniel Shankine. They have a 5meo-DMT talk and they film it for you to watch.

Commodifying the Sacred, a Conversation

Niki and I would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who came out to sit in a circle and discuss the future of psychedelics, their research, and their commodification. It was wonderful to get a diversity of views.

Clearing Digital Clutter as an Integration Practice

I don’t have an organized bone in my body. Any habits or patterns I possess that move away from chaos & toward organization have been hard won. Sometimes they’ve been beaten into me while I was in silent darkness.

Podcast Interview on Chronicles of a Psychonaut

I got to spend two hours talking to Finch of ‘Chronicles of a Psychonaut’, and we got to go pretty deep. We get to dig into how we can support our growth and healing. We see how these topics work for us regardless of which medicines, if any, we use.

Podcast Interview On Psychedelic Milk

Meeting of the Minds! Mt. Tam Integration and Psychedelic Milk get deep and profound on the Psychedelic Milk Podcast. Yoga, Meditation, Set and Setting. I had a fantastic time hanging out with Ed on his podcast, Psychedelic Milk, last week.

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