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Etiquette for Psychedelic Integration Circles

Be a Good Circle Participant

Etiquette for Psychedelic Integration Circles

Be a Good Circle Participant

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Etiquette for Psychedelic Integration Circles


Please read this in order to be a good a good neighbor in the circle!

Share From The Heart.


Good Psychedelic Integration Circle Etiquette means being honest and vulnerable. When we talk about integration, we’re talking about bringing different parts of ourselves into harmony. Mind, body, and spirit, perhaps. Bringing the dark parts of ourselves into the light. Allow yourself to tap into a deeper place than you usually go, and allow it to have a moment to express itself.

Don’t ask for drugs.


Please just don’t do it.  You’re putting yourself, the other particiants, and the ability of the circle to meet freely at risk. It also creates a real awkward energy in the room. Please don’t make it weird.  Don’t be that person.

This isn’t really a place for fact finding and research.


It’s natural and normal to have questions about things. However, this is an experiential sharing circle, not a research group. We are considering having some ‘Psychedelics 101, Q and A events’ in the future. If you have questions about substances, or their use, you can also visit https://www.erowid.org/

You don’t have to be an expert about everything.


We have time to offer each other feedback.  It’s really a nice chance to let the person know that they are seen and heard and appreciated.  Sometimes we can relate to what they are saying, or we can think of a book that they might like.  But let’s try to avoid being the expert, and piling on a lot of advice. Especially if you notice that you’re giving advice to everyone who shares, that’s too much.

Don’t bogart the time my friend.


Try to keep your share under five minutes so that lots of people get to share. Also, if you catch yourself responding to every share, consider moving into a place of more listening.

Creating a culture of conscious consent


This is a place for safe vulnerability. Please be conscious about people’s boundaries. Please understand that everyone has their own process going on. Ask for consent before physical interactions. Respect when they say no, and don’t take it personally.  Pay attention to other people’s body language to see if they are enthusiastic about the interaction you’re having. If someone seems uncomfortable, give them space.   If someone is violating your boundaries, making you uncomfortable, or harassing you, tell a staff member. We take it seriously.  If you are unclear about this, or need further education around it, ask someone.  Also, you might enjoy reading this, written by The House of Yes.

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This is not therapy. This is a service for healthy individuals who are looking for additional resources to support their growth. This is NOT intended to be group therapy nor any form of professional therapeutic intervention.

We do not encourage or condone any illegal activities, the purchase, sale, transfer, or use of any illegal substances, or partaking in any unlawful activities related to illegal substances. Please do not bring, buy, sell, transfer, or arrive on any illegal substances, or swap information on how to acquire or use them. You may be asked to leave if you do not adhere to this request. Thank you for respecting our safe community space.