5meo DMT Livestream with Rak Razam


  • 5meo DMT Livestream Video with Rak Razam and Daniel Shankin
  • About 2 hours Long
  • Ask Rak questions via the comment area
  • Link never expires
  • Don’t freak out if we start a few minutes late


Tam Integration’s 5meo DMT Livestream is a conversation with Rak Razam and Daniel Shankin. 5meo DMT occurs naturally in humans, and also throughout nature. It is possibly the most powerful entheogenic known. It has the potential to reveal a non dual or unity state comparable to the deep states of realization described by yogis and Vedic seers. This medicine is still relatively new to modern understanding, and science regarding it’s potential is still in its infancy. We’ll talk to Rak Razam about both scientific and spiritual aspects of this miraculous substance.

This 5meo DMT Livestream covers topics such as ecology, spirituality, ethics, community, and integration

Rak Razam is a writer and producer of shamanic media and has been working in Mexico with the Bufo Alvarius toad medicine containing 5MeO DMT for three years. He organized the recent World Bufo Alvarius Congress and is a commentator on the rapid growth of 5MeO medicine and culture worldwide. Visit his website here.


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