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A Free Gift for Friends of TedxMarin

Enjoy free, forever access to our world reknown, much beloved online conference

The 2022 Mt. Tam Psychedelic Integration Jam

25 talks from multidisciplinary experts

We’re excited to be able to offer some of our best content for friends of TedxMarin. Tam Integration is commited to  offering education and support for people who interested in the transformational and intentional use of psychedelics. The content of last year’s conference is sure to be a beloved resource for everyone looking to deepen their knowledge of these powerful sacred medicines.

Study with Experts on Topics Such as:

  • High Dose Psilocybin Journeys
  • Handling Spiritual Emergencies
  • Healing from sexual trauma and creating safety.
  • Integrity and ethics as a facilitator
  • Creating communities and spaces for women
  • Psychedelic Storytelling and Archetypal Embodiment
  • Yoga as a tool for conscious preparation
  • Meditation for integration
  • Mirror work
  • Ancient and Indigenous Practices

But wait, there’s more!

Explore Tam Integration Membership

All the Past Tam Integration Conferences, a collection of other courses and resources, and invitations to live circles and talks for one low price.
Over 250 hours of content and 10 monthly gatherings
Only $15/month or $150/year, it’s super affordable, & you can cancel at any time.

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James Fadiman
Rick Doblin
Chris Bache
Julian Vayne
Daniel Shankin
Rak Razam
Nikki Wyrd
Darren Le Baron
Moudou Baqui
Eric Seinknecht
Simon Yugler
Kufikiri Imara
Kendra Valentine
Paul Stamets
Rick Strassman
Julie Holland
Tricia Eastman
Veronika Gold
Joel Brierre
Charlotte James
Michael Crowley
Danielle Negrin
Shiri Malcolm Godasi
Mireya Alejo Marcet
Tobey Tobey

Dennis McKenna
Android Jones
Justin Boreta
Kevon Simpson
Joe Tafur
Tom Hatsis
Beth Weinstein
The Huni Kuin
Graciella Asher
Julia Mirer
Meg Thibodeaux
Elizabeth J.O.

And More….
Daniel is a patient, kind guide who instinctively brings like-minded souls together. His ability to lovingly hold space in non-judgement while guiding us to the right place for investigation is a gift. I would recommend anyone who is willing to be in curiosity, intention, and discovery of their true nature to take this course.
-Shelley K., Writer and Enneagram Coach

These videos are for educational purposes only. We do not encourage illegal activity of any kind. Nothing here should be considered medical or legal advice.