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A Collection of Trip Sitter Manuals and Guides

People want to sit for each other. It’s only natural for friends to look out for, and want to take care of each other. People come to integration circle to figure out how ways to be safe and minimize risk during psychedelic journeys, and having a trip sitter is certainly one of the ways to do this. Of course, the fact that people want trip sitters mean that some one else has to want to be a trip sitter, and a competent one.

To this end, here is a compilation of some good information on being a trip sitter.  We might work on creating one of our own one of these days, but for now, these are pretty great.

Please note that this is a collection of a wide variety of materials.  Some were created for clinical therapuetic sessions, others for recreational or peer based settings.  Best to look at more than one of these resources, talk to your partner about what you find, and make intelligent decisions about what might work with you together. Of course, if you read anything that seems counter intuitive, or potentially harmful, trust your gut or seek a second opinion.

Trip Sitter Manuals

Mark Haden’s Psychedelic Guide Manual

Ground Control: A Sitter’s Primer

Zendo Psychedelic Harm Reduction Training Manual

Council on Spiritual Practices Code of Ethics for Spiritual Guides

Erowid Psychedelic Crisis FAQ

tripsafe.org Psychedelic Trip Sitter Preparation Guide

Manual of Psychedelic Support

Handbook for the Therapeutic Use of LSD

Tripsit.me How to Trip Sit in Real Life

Tripsit.me How to Trip Sit Online

The Conclave Best Practices

The Conclave Presents: Integration & Suggested Techniques for Grounding (5meo-DMT)


Trip Sitter Videos


How to Trip Sit (Safety Guide)

How to Work with Difficult Experiences

Zendo Project Harm Reduction



Uplevel Your Integration

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